Hastings Garden, Valletta


Friday 10th • Saturday 11th • Sunday 12th July 2015


From 8 PM till 1 AM

The Marsovin Summer Wine Festival is nowadays a sought after annual event in Malta’s summer calendar amongst both locals and also foreigners visiting our Island. The Festival is held in the magical surroundings of Hastings Gardens, Valletta, a location which alone lends itself perfectly to a walk through garden wine festival whilst enjoying the majestic views from the bastions overlooking the Yacht Marina and Sliema harbour.

The event has a highly cultural, entertaining concept offering a myriad of leading musicians each playing a different genre of music being stationed in different areas of the venue. Nevertheless the real stars of the night are the wines, offering over 30 different D.O.K and I.G.T wines from grapes grown around Malta and Gozo. With such a large selection of wines being showcased each of a different style and character, we are sure to hit all different palates, from the casual to the most sophisticated wine drinker.

The food element cannot be left unmentioned as good wine and good food go hand in hand, for this reason we engage a variety of quality caterers each offering different kinds of Mediterranean dishes to complement best our wines.

How does it work?

It’s easy, on entrance you pay a token fee of €15 and we will give you back €15 worth of wine tokens and a free Premium festival wine glass to use during the event and also to take home with you.
Youths under 17 years of age are not allowed to consume any wine.

festival wine list


We have over 30 different D.O.K and I.G.T wines from grapes grown around Malta and Gozo ranging from entry level wines up to Premium and Boutique wines. These are available for you to order as a taster, glass or bottle and can be found in the 5 different wine bars spread over the whole venue.

Live Acts


    STAGE 3 • FROM 9PM

    Without a doubt one of the most successful bands to have emerged locally in recent years, Airport Impressions have clocked up countless radio hits along the way, among them Borderline, Wake up, Walk with me and, more recently Hymns of June and Berlin. The road to nationwide success and their search for a sound that encompasses not only their individual influences, but also their collective aspiration, has brought with it some great experience.


    STAGE 1 • FROM 9PM

    XARULÙ is an upcoming act playing acoustic versions of many popular songs with a distinctive twist. The repertoire varies from the likes of Queen, Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, The Clash and the Beatles to modern hits from idols Pink, Maroon 5 and Bruno Mars. A good mix of old and new and most of all entertaining – The Duo has been experiencing a steady rise in popularity recently in fact The XARULÙ musicians are planning to release their debut single Grand Paris, later on this summer.


    STAGE 2 • FROM 9PM

    Red Electrick is a band with a genuine love of music. With many elements at play in their collective sound, it's safe to say that their passion is fuelled as much by the bluesy swagger of 70s rock as it is by punk's needle-sharp guitar angst, the bittersweet skanked-up rhythms that the 2-Tone era revelled in and an indie frame of mind. Now add a dash of Mediterranean sunshine to it all and you're pretty much on the mark.


    STAGE 2 • FROM 9PM

    In January 2010, Sven, Gilberto, Antoine and Patrick's love of American style blues brought them together for the first time and the result, The Creepers. The passion of the band since that first day is the raw tone, the dynamics of a Friday night roadhouse, the energy blues lovers can feel at their favourite live performances. Lately The Creepers have also added Mark Attard on the piano.


    STAGE 4 • FROM 9PM

    ‘The Busker’, as a band, was formed in May, 2013, by Dario Genovese (Acoustic guitar + vocals) and Jean Paul Borg (drums + percussion). The two had been already working together in other musical endeavours but then due to their excellent musical chemistry and similar musical tastes they decided to opt for “The Busker” blending 1960s pop/rock with folk/rock, their two favourite styles. The band’s main inspirations range from The Beatles all the way to folk heroes such as Bob Dylan.


    STAGE 4 • FROM 9PM

    From its conception to this day and age, KażinSka has grown into a seven-piece ensemble of young musicians and friends that together give their own interpretation of banda marches’ melodies under the direction of Justin Galea. These interpretations are dressed into ska, reggae, samba, jazz, R&B, electronic music and other styles, in this way creating a joyous atmosphere synonymous to a “Festa Maltija” but of course with a different sound. KażinSka play mostly instrumental music with sporadic lyrics uttered in association with the particular tune. The ensemble has in the past years toured extensively around the Maltese Islands year and participated in major local festivals and events as well as successful collaborations with major artistic organisations.


    STAGE 1 • FROM 9PM

    Simon Vella and Mark Rapa’s collaboration is all about a common desire to interpret music from a wide spectrum of influences in a raw and acoustic way that appeals to mainstream audiences. Mark - despite being self-taught - has an uncanny ability to mimic techniques of many different styles on the nylon string guitar. He has been entertaining for the last 15 years, primarily as a soloist, with a unique and ever-changing repertoire which is a mixture of original compositions and well known classical, Spanish and popular pieces. Meanwhile, having studied classical and jazz music, Simon has gained a reputation for introducing the violin into a number of contemporary musical styles, including a number of award-winning projects. Despite his classical upbringing, Simon's expression through the violin is unconventional and throughout the years has evolved into an exceptional display of technical ability and artistic improvisation. Their combination results is a raw, ‘less-is-more’ , acoustic set based on instantly recognisable melodies from various genres, complemented by a wide array of rhythms and grooves.


    STAGE 1 • FROM 9PM

    A duo act featuring Kiko on acoustic guitar and Sandrina on vocals. The genres covered include a fusion of Rock, Club & RnB sounds harmonised together using rich acoustic overtones & colours. All played on acoustic instruments, the music is based on tight harmonies, being rhythmic and energetic whilst making it fresh and elegantly innovative. What to expect? An act with solid tunes from past & present that have led the way through the major radios & clubs across the globe.


    STAGE 4 • FROM 9PM

    Although they've all been good friends for a long time and had previously played together before, this particular music-making adventure all started off in preparation for a NYE party at La Rive in Dec/Jan 2014, where they were asked to provide live entertainment, from then on they never looked back, and they kept and keep looking forward to playing together at events, weddings, relaxed gigs and more. They love what they do, and they love to watch others enjoy it too. Stay Tuned!

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